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Hello World

Well finally my blog is up and running. Primarily I intend this blog to focus on matters of programming, however I would expect a few rambling diversions around cooking and fishing to sneak their way into the mix. Alas this post itself will be a fairly brief introduction. It being my first ever blog post, lets call it a hello world.

At this point you are probably itching to put a comment in about my terrible english or some such, but alas currently the blog has no comment functionality. I may add comments in the future when and if I decide I have the required bandwidth to deal with spam. In the meantime feel free to fire in any comments, feedback and suggestions through the contact form.

Well introductions, my name is Charles Keepax, although to be fair you probably already know that if you found your way here. I am a programmer based in Scotland. Most of my professional development has been of embedded applications and control systems in C and C++. So I am fairly at home programming close to the metal of the machine and jumping down to assembly every so often. In my line of coding I have also picked up a fair amount of rudimentary electronics skills and am quite at home wading through circuit diagrams and poking things with a scope.

I can be found hanging out on a few places on the internet but probably most notably The Code Project. I came across the site whilst writing some PC side support software for one of our embedded projects and liked the community so I have hung about (My Profile). But I decided it was time to have a place to call my own on the internet and so here we are.

Well thats probably a good place to leave it for today. Hopefully, much more to come.