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Home Brew Batch 1

Notes on batch 1 of my home brew. I christened this batch "Tactical Nuclear Sideburns" as a nod to Brewdog due to it turning out a lot stronger than intended.


My setup is pretty basic but seems to get the job done. I have a 17 liter pan for boil, which I just do on the stove. Obviously, this limits the size of batch I can do, but I feel this has benefits in terms of providing a faster iteration time and I don't have a full 25 liter batch to drink between each brew. I have a large cool box that I mash in. I do a brew in a bag style mash using a net bag to seperate the grain and water. This seemed much easier to put together than a traditional sparge style system and I don't really mind taking a small hit on efficiency. To chill the wort I have a home made wort chiller made with copper pipe and part of one of those shower heads that fits onto a tap. Finally, just a simple bucket and air lock to ferment in.


  1. Mash Duration: 60 min
  2. Strike Temperature: 75 C
  3. Mash Temperature: ~68 C
  4. Mashout Temperature: 75 C


  1. 7.8 L - Water
  2. 3 Kg - Maris Otter Malt


  1. Boil Duration: 90 min
  2. Volume: 17 L


  1. 90 min - 30 g - Fuggles
  2. 15 min - 1 tsp. - Irish Moss
  3. 5 min - 30 g - Fuggles


  1. Yeast: Safale S-04
  2. Original Gravity: 1.06
  3. Final Gravity: 1.01
  4. ABV: 6.5%

  5. Started: 23/9/2012
  6. Bottled: 21/10/2012


Think I was generous on the mash temperature here, I think the core of the mash may have been a low temperature than measured.