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Website Icons

It is really long overdue I updated this site to be a little more friendly to Hi-DPI screens, as a first step towards this I thought I would replace the icons on the site with SVG versions. These should scale with the site once I update it to scale correctly with the screen size/DPI. Having had one of my rare flights of artistic fancy, it occurred I might as well share the icons explicitly on my site.

Initially I started out using Inkscape to draw my icons but the outputed SVG wasn't really coming out as clean and simple as I had hoped, so I decided to hand code the icons given they are all pretty simple.

I am placing these icons under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which basically means you can do what you want with them as long as you give me credit for making them.

Finally, although the versions here on the site are likely to remain relatively up to date, they have also had some miniaturisation done on them. I am adding the full untouched versions a repository on my Github, which is probably a better bet if you want to modify the images.