Charles Keepax Profiles

  1. Bitbucket - Public hosting of any code I think might be of interest to others.
  2. Github - I used to be primarily a Mercurial user, whilst I do tend to favour Git more these days through force of habit I mostly use Bitbucket for hosting and Github for watching other peoples projects.
  3. LinkedIn - My profile on LinkedIn, probably covers it.
  4. Stackoverflow - I am a bit of a late comer to this site, but better late than never.

Programming Reference Sites

  1. CPP Reference - Awesome wiki reference site for all things C++.
  2. Bit Twiddling Hacks - Best list of sneaky little binary manipulations anywhere.
  3. Vim Casts - An excellent source of tutorials and information on Vim.

Other Sites

  1. Hacker News - Great social news site.
  2. Lobsters - Another good social news site.
  3. LWN - Excellent Linux kernel news site.